Posted on January 27, 2014
It continues to be a privilege serving you as Representative of District 108. Since being elected to the North Carolina House in 2010, I have worked hard and kept the promises I made to you, the people of my district, and all of our great folks throughout North Carolina.

While Washington is broke, North Carolina works. We balanced the budget, lowered taxes to help all struggling North Carolina families, and invested in you and your community. This is a strong record of fiscal responsibility that our entire state can be proud of, and that Washington could learn from. 

Today I formally announce my candidacy in the 2014 election for your state’s General Assembly as representative of The People’s House District 108. My focus continues on reinvigorating our local economy through tireless dedication to job creation opportunities. We must and will continue our efforts to strengthen the ability of our North Carolina businesses to grow while creating the climate of attraction for diverse job opportunities. With my proven track record of reduced taxation on people and business we have begun to see the economic conditions shift toward the positive. By providing our children an improved opportunity to excel beyond their current pace, to best prepare them for the global economic future ahead, we are addressing a “classroom first” focus for their funding needs that will keep North Carolina strong well into the future.

I strongly believe that by protecting and assuring freedom, knowledge, and the opportunity for people to prosper, without increased governmental burdens, they will prosper. This continued heart felt and mindful of our folks approach is leading North Carolina into a stronger economy and a reprioritized “for the people” governing system.  I continue the fight to place our people’s ability to improve their livelihood first and foremost. I believe that first, if our people are strong then their government will be also, not the other way around. We owe them nothing less. In them and in no other I see the ultimate strength and power of my district, county, state, and nation.

My determination is rock solid and my iron clad dedication remains strong. 

The course is set, the goal is clear, and no obstacle is insurmountable.

Ever vigilant,


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