Torbett’s Conservative Stand on Issues

Education, Career Training & School Choice

As a Father and Grandfather Representative Torbett knows the power of a good education and the miracles that occur in the classroom with excellent teachers. He has worked from the position of PTO President of his daughter’s schools to legislating the fastest growing Teacher pay state in the country. He believes that Teachers in classrooms best prepare our students for the jobs of the future and has supported numerous successful efforts to increase funding for that educational training. He believes Parents, not a system, should have the ultimate choice on where their children attend school. He also is Chairman of the important School Safety Committee addressing the funding for mental and behavioral health needs of students and providing funding for the security technology and Student Resource Officers needed to better secure our schools.


Representative Torbett believes we need to explore and safely implement all forms of efficient and effective energy production to be best prepared for our children’s and grandchildren’s future needs while also providing consumers choices.


Being raised by parents of the Greatest Generation, Representative Torbett was taught and believes strongly in conservation. He knows that we are blessed with limited amounts of natural resources and we should work to continually find the proper balance that supports thriving conservation practices and safely producing the needed energy and smart infrastructure growth for our future while also continuing research to find better ways. He is very proud to have secured the funding to open a premier Educational Forest in Gaston County.


Representative Torbett has worked feverishly to improve the status of Healthcare in North Carolina by examining and streamlining the Certificate of Need Program making it easier for providers to expand their services. He also delivered a property previously owned by the state to Gaston County to provide a permanent home for Partners Behavioral Health Management to bolster mental health access to his citizens in need. Representative Torbett also supported adding an additional 10 million dollars as a start to address Opioid misuse.


Representative Torbett believes we should afford opportunity to law abiding immigrants wishing to become US citizens through our current immigration laws and those wishing to become US citizens should have in depth background checks done respectfully as the beginning of the process of becoming a US citizen. Those entering our country through illegal access should be charged and sentenced and not be allowed to stay or re-enter for a significant period of time. Current Immigration law needs an overhaul in the effort to reduce the entry process times while also strengthening the security at our nation’s borders.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Representatives Torbett’s extremely successful accomplishments in Transportation are widely known and have been noticed and copied throughout the United States. He has been asked to speak to many national groups about the transformation of our North Carolina Transportation Network. Today, more transportation jobs and investments are underway or nearing the beginning of the project than at any other period of time.

Jobs, Economy

Representative Torbett’s number one priority is to continue rebuilding North Carolina’s economy. He has and continues to focus on creating the conservative governmental environment that fosters growth in both small and large businesses which create jobs and rising incomes. He knows that a strong working citizenry affords the key to addressing the many issues facing our state, county, and country.

National Security

Representative Torbett overwhelmingly supports all branches of our nations Warfighters and has worked to develop assets that can save lives on battlefields. He never forgets and is ever humbled in continued remembrance of the sacrifice so many have given in military service so that we can remain free to achieve our American Dreams.

NC State Budget

Each budget season Representative Torbett has successfully fought for and worked to reduce costs to taxpayers while financially strengthening the operational, infrastructure, and emergency funds to address disasters.

Public Safety, Drugs, and the Law

Representative Torbett strongly supports public safety personnel and believes they are the front line in protecting our liberties, Constitution, and Republic, within our homeland. He believes that all public safety personnel must be respectful to citizens, lawfully firm in their daily duties, while always first applying constant safety for themselves and their colleagues. He believes ineliminating illegal drugs to have a drug free environment leading to less crime and he supports the courts that specifically interpret law without legislating law.

Sanctity of Human Life

Representative Torbett is a Christian and values each Human life as a miracle and sacred. He believes in the unalienable right to life as endowed by his creator as stated in our Declaration of Independence.

Second Amendment

Representative Torbett strongly supports the Second Amendment in our nation’s Constitution. His views have led to an endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

Tax Relief

While a County Commissioner Representative Torbett led the way on reducing property tax and as was noted on his retirement resolution, Commissioner Torbett’s service period was the longest period of time with no tax increase in Gaston’s known history. He took that responsibility to the state and has led the state in reduction of income and corporate taxes, removal of senseless job killing regulations, and reductions in rules that are often perceived as law generated by bureaucrats

Traditional Values

Having grown up in a post-World War II family Representative Torbett knows the power of Family, Church, and Community when working together and he supports those traditional values taught him by his parents and church.