I am writing in support of a friend and fellow Republican, John Torbett, who is seeking your vote to serve in Raleigh representing House District 108. I had the privilege of working closely with John for two years when I served as secretary of the Gaston County Republican Party during his chairmanship.
During that time, I saw in John exemplary leadership qualities that would be an asset to any organization. John is known as a consensus-builder, seeking input from all sides of an issue or question. John always gives due respect and consideration to others, even those who disagree with him. At the same time, John is never one to back away from making tough decisions when called upon to do so. His determination, drive, and enthusiasm will serve the NC 108th District very well. We need someone like John Torbett in Raleigh to represent the interests of Gaston County, as well as the conservative principles that are near and dear to most North Carolinians.

Philosophically, John is a true conservative who believes in the ideals of the Republican Party – decentralized government, lower taxes, and the worth and rights of individuals.

John Torbett has proven his leadership abilities in the business and political arenas. He will continue to make a good leader for Gaston County as a NC State Representative.

Karen Lands

I will be supporting and voting for Commissioner John Torbett in his campaign to become our Representative for District 108. John has been very active in Gaston County since moving here over 20 years ago serving on several boards and committees and getting to know the county, it’s people and the many issues facing us. Since being elected as a Gaston County Commissioner in 2002, representing the Riverbend district, John has worked hard to help the County grow and to deal with the many difficult issues that have and continue to face our County and its citizens.

I believe John will continue his commendable service as our Representative for District 108. As a fiscal conservative, we need his skills and commitment in Raleigh to fight to make our County and State a great place to live, work and play. Please join me in supporting John in his pursuit for the District 108 seat in the NC House of Representatives.

Monte Monteleone

“I have noticed that during every County Commission budget deliberation for the past seven years, John Torbett speaks out and votes NO to increasing our tax rates and YES to decreasing it while working extremely hard to bring in new jobs in the attempt to improve this county’s overall well being. He always offers constructive suggestions about getting our county government to spend less and the others have listened and agreed. Finally, there is someone thoughtful in government looking out for us all. We all need Commissioner Torbett as our new North Carolina House 108 representative in Raleigh representing us.
I demand a State Representative who faces the tough decisions, stands up to his responsibilities without pointing fingers at others, makes tough choices and says no to big Government. I do not want a social liberal that believes government should take care of everything by taxing me and everyone else more and more and more. I’m voting for a proven conservative leader that works not a liberal that talks. My entire family is supporting John Torbett for State Representative of District 108.”

Victor Sheets

“Our family is supporting and voting for John Torbett, as North Carolina State Representative of District 108. As a wife, mother, and teacher I want to tell you first hand the reasons why we are supporting him.
For many years our families’ paths crossed in all aspects of raising our children. Both his and his wife’s efforts in support of our children have been exemplary. John, as PTO president at Kiser Elementary and Stanley Middle schools always pushed the bar higher toward the increased learning potential of the children. Projects never dreamed achievable at that time were accomplished by his keenly focused sight and enthusiasm beyond the status quo. John, as a commissioner supports our children, their classrooms, and their education. His well thought through common sense approach to local government issues shows that he researches and analyzes the effects that each issue has on citizens like our families and our friends. For seven years while consistently reducing the tax rate he continued to provide for education. His ability to restructure the budget to address government living within its means is a breath of responsible fresh air. We desperately need that kind of representation in Raleigh.”

Debbie Blackmon

“John stands for the same principals of conservatism that Jim and I do, those are: less taxes, less government, less government regulation, stronger economy with jobs creation, individual freedom and responsibility and last but not least, traditional values. We can use John Torbett in the House in Raleigh.”

Mary Frances Forrester

“John Torbett is a dedicated public servant. His ideas of less government and lower taxes has served us well. John and I have worked together on important issues that affect our County. I have found John to be responsible, hard working, and responsive to the needs of our community”

Gaston County Commissioner
Tracy L. Philbeck